Zanja All Stars

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“We are making art
without stress”

Julio Padron, Musical Director of Zanja All Stars


Zanja Records is not just a record label. It is a home for a selected group of Cuban musicians considered among the finest in the country. It took several years of painstaking work to make it happen. Now there is the highest standard of equipment in place and a mutual bond of trust with the musicians.


A mix of musical colors from Zanja Records. Our catalogue features Jam Sessions from the cream of Cuban talent – Changuito, Julio Padron, Maria Victoria, Rolando Luna, Gaston Joya and many more artists. Cuban musicians playing classic New York City Salsa the Cuban way and representing the new blood from Cuba with the contemporary jazz sound of the highly talented Havana Negra.


Zanja Records is proud to have participants of the calibre of Jose Luis Quintana “Changuito”, Cuban Master percussionist and inspiration to subsequent generations of percussionists,  Julio Padron, Zanja All Stars Musical director and Maria Victoria, a truly unique Cuban singing sensation. Also Havana Negra with their cinematic sound and a growing and well deserved following.


Zanja All Stars is a dream opportunity, not only for Zanja Records, but also for the artists involved. In the great tradition of the Cuban Jam Sessions of the past, the best Cuban singers and musicians have come together under the Musical Direction of Julio Padron to create an instant classic. Three Volumes are set for release from this extra ordinary recording session. More Sessions will follow.

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